Have a garden full of fallen branches? Has your fence been crushed by a wind fallen tree? Minimise storm damage with Premier Tree Services.

With winter in full swing, heavy rains and high winds wreak havoc on suburban backyards. If you have neglected to prepare for the winter by implementing a pre-winter pruning schedule it’s not too late.

Once the warm days spent in the garden relaxing after a hard days work have gone and the chilly onset of early darkness kicks in, most homeowners don’t pay homage to their trees and get them ready for winter.

To lessen the chances of having branches or even trees come down on your house and potentially hurting your loved ones, get in touch and let us take a look and see if we can implement a tree pruning program to better ease your mind when the storms come through.

We have an experienced team of arborists to offer advice and talk through your options. We are available around the clock to help make your garden safe and prepare it for all weather. 

For emergency call outs, we offer a prompt and safe service. Regardless of size or difficulty, we have the means to safely extract storm damage without damaging what the storm didn’t.

Don’t hesitate to call Premier Tree Services WA for prompt and efficient after hours service – 24 hours a day. Call 0418 911 466